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Is your bathtub displaying signs of wear and tear after years of use? Rest assured, we can restore it to its pristine condition. Our tub refinishing service combines affordability with superior craftsmanship. Even unique tubs, such as clawfoot tubs, can be professionally refinished, inside and out, to become eye-catching centerpieces in your bathroom.


Our expertise extends to refinishing shower stalls of all sizes. We can make them any color you want as well! While larger projects may entail a bit more time and effort, our commitment to delivering enduring, top-notch results remains unwavering.


Sinks endure a multitude of wear over the years. Chips, scrapes, and cracks can accumulate from their constant use, diminishing their appearance. Refinishing is the solution to make them look new, and we service both kitchen and bathroom sinks!


Your tile walls are no challenge to refinish either. No matter the size or shape, we can refinish them for you. If you have a bathtub surrounded by tile wall, an entire bathroom wall, or even kitchen tile, we can spray it. We can also do your tile in any Benjamin Moore™ color of your choosing.


Additionally, we offer countertop refinishing services to all our valued clients. Countertop refinishing is the ideal method to breathe new life into your existing countertop, granting it the fresh color it truly deserves. It also proves to be a much more budget-friendly alternative compared to investing in entirely new countertops. Feel free to reach out to us for an estimate.


Is your fiberglass tub cracked? We got you covered with quick and easy repair. We can fix most cracks to your tub, and easily refinish over it so it looks like new! We recommend refinishing over patches as it covers the patch completely. Without the refinish after, the patch does stand out from the tub. Choose us for your patches and refinishing needs!

Before your appointment, please note the following information

  • There can be no dust raising work done during our appointment
  • Before the technician arrives: – Any dripping faucets must be repaired. – If we are refinishing tile, please repair any missing or loose grout. – Remove the shower curtain and any personal items such as cups, soap, shampoo bottles, rugs, etc.
  • The fixture we are refinishing must be plumbed in.
  • The Technicians will need: – In the winter months, heat. – Access to a window within 20’ to vent out. – A power outlet within 20’ of the bathroom.
  • The technician will remove caulking around the Bathtub prior to refinishing and resurfacing, and replace it when finished.
  • It will take the technician between 2-4 hours to complete the work. Please feel free to ask the technician any questions you may have concerning the refinishing process.
  • Please have cash or a check for the full amount ready for the technician after the work has been completed.

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