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We are the #1 pick for Cape Cod when it comes to refinishing.
We will give your bathroom life again!

Refinishing with us is a breeze - just three simple steps: get a quote, schedule the job, and we'll quickly transform your project with professional craftsmanship and efficiency, all while providing affordable, safe, and valuable solutions for your space.

Pride In Our Work
At Coastal Tub and Tile, we are driven by the belief that exceptional work can come at an affordable price. Our journey began after years of experience in the industry when we identified a service gap on Cape Cod, a place we hold dear as Plymouth residents. Coastal Tub and Tile was born to fill this gap. While we may not be the biggest or the flashiest in the industry (yet), we guarantee the highest quality and top-notch service when you choose us. Our primary focus is your satisfaction, and our ultimate goal is to make each customer so delighted that you’ll want to refer us to your friends and family. We stand by our work, and your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why any issues that may arise with your refinished project are covered under our warranties. You get one year of coverage with our traditional refinish and two years with our RapidCoat refinish. If you ever encounter a problem, like a chip, rest assured that we’ll fix it at no extra charge.


Remodeling is a comprehensive undertaking, encompassing tasks like fixture removal, installation of new components, flooring, drywall, painting, electrical and plumbing work. This often leads to substantial upfront expenses. In contrast, refinishing offers a quick turnaround, allowing you to enjoy your revamped space the very next day, with most projects coming in at under a thousand dollars in cost.


We cover all sides of value and its significance to us, to you, and to your home. Refinishing not only offers cost savings but also enhances the overall value of your home. Whether it's for home improvements or the possibility of selling your property, the added value from refinishing translates to increased returns for you. When the job is executed correctly, this investment endures for years to come.


The Topcoat solution utilized in our refinishing process is both safe and backed by a lasting guarantee when maintained correctly. For those seeking faster drying times, we provide tailored solutions. Effective maintenance comprises regular cleaning of your fixtures using non-harsh or abrasive cleaners. We suggest using products such as Fabuloso or equivalent alternatives for the best results.


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