The Premier Choice When
It Comes to Refinishing

Traditional Refinish

Lasts 3-5 Years

Dries in 24-48 Hours

'Orange Peel' texture & Less Shine

More susceptible To Chips & Cracks

1 Year Warranty

Odor Persists Longer

Budget Friendly

RapidCoat Refinish

Lasts 5-10 Years

Dries in Only 4 Hours

'Apple Skin' Texture & More Shine

Less Susceptible To Chips & Cracks

2 Year Warranty

Odor Dissipate Quicker

Slightly More Costlier

Elevate Your Space With RapidCoat

Now is the time to get yourself unparalleled quality and performance with our newest refinishing option. Contact us today for a free quote.

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