Plans to Remodel? Consider a Refinish first!

When we choose to invest in our homes, we take many aspects of our home into consideration. These aspects can include roofing, paneling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and much more. Today we will cover our blog towards the plans of bathroom remodel. You will see just how you can save time and money with refinishing while putting more value back into your home than what you pay for it overall!

As you can gather with just the items needed, on average you could be spending almost $3000 at the minimum, with just the fixtures listed above. You account in contractors and plumbers, the price goes up even more, most times going over $10,000. Now we will show one of the more recent jobs we did below. Slide the slider to see just how much the refinish was.

Left ImageRight Image

Once you see the shine and realize just how much more you saved for a like new tub, you can just imagine how much can go back into your homes value when you choose to refinish a sink or countertop as well. The most you can do for your bathroom for the least amount spent.

Create instead of destroy. Bring life back your bathroom!

When the summer weather rolls around, so does the work! Don’t wait on booking your jobs, June will fill up faster than you can click for your free quote! So do it now by clicking below!

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