June Highlights

Our June highlight is here! We are always excited to share our projects in so many different forms. The projects we are tasked with are always unique in their own way, and we are truly grateful for the privilege to refinish a customers full bathroom. This month, you can get a good look at the this bathroom we did below.

Refinishing a bathroom is not as hard or long as it may look. The after product is more exciting than you could imagine. It looks like a remodel without the remodeling cost! You can see below just what under 8 hours of service can do.

The end product is always a satisfying shot for our technicians. The time and effort that goes into every project is second to none, with the priority of our customer’s satisfaction guiding our work. Thanks to the support of our customers, it makes our work that much more special. You’ve reached the end of our June highlight, ready to book? If you need your bathroom refinished, we got you covered. Free quote, get your price, and get on the schedule today.

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