New Month Means New Highlights!

tub surround before
tub surround after
Banner introduction

We are embracing all things new within all our projects done! This month served to be a successful introduction to our newest product…

New RapidCoat logo

We have mentioned this new product before, but we are more excited to see just effective it really is. With each scheduled job, even we are surprised to see just how much it makes a difference to your bathroom! To start, the durability of this product is second to none. We ran tests to see how much damage it could actually take, and the customer themselves would most likely have to go out of their way to damage this finish! On top of the durability, this finish will last you for years to come. With proper care, you can get up to ten years or longer! Some of our customers may only have that one bathroom for use, and having it go out of use for 24 hours can be longer than you may want it to be. Now of course with the RapidCoat, you can use your newly refinish project in 6 hours! Same day for that needed shower after a long work day!

Now you may ask yourself…

Where can I get a quote?

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